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MySpace and the Web
Randi Pittman
MBA6004 – Section 6
Unit 4 – Assignment 1

Are you on MySpace? Many people could answer this question with a yes. Even those who are aware of their services still may not be aware of the company behind the social networking site. Exactly what is MySpace Inc. and who created it? I was unaware of the answer to this and to what extent MySpace uses the web. I also wanted to know what the implications of future use of the web would be on the company. I have a vision of what their future use of the web may look like. However, there may be ethical questions which may arise as a result of this vision. There are also actions which I advocate regarding the company’s integration or further capitalization of the web. The core of MySpace Inc. depends on the web, it is the biggest player in what they do; they hace taken advantage of the web so far and must continue to find ways to differentiate themselves in order to take advantage of it in the future.

MySpace Inc. was co founded by Criss De Wolfe and Tom Anderson (Carr, 2007). Together they officially launched the company in 2003 (Carr, 2007). Only two years after the official launch, in 2005, News Cooperation acquired it (Carr, 2007). There has also been a restructuring of employees over the years. For example, in 2009 there were around 1,600 people employed by MySpace (Carr, 2007). This is number had been drastically reduced by 2011. The company was bought again in that same year by Specific Media Group (Carr, 2007). While things have changed in the business over the years, the basic premise still remains. MySpace is considered to be a social networking website. Upon signing up for membership, you design your personal page. Once you have your personal page built, MySpace gets to work.

How does this transition into revenue? In short, their revenue comes from ads which they show to their users. This type of revenue is termed ad revenue. In fact, MySpace has...
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