Myself in Twenty Years Time

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Myself in twenty’s time
There are many moments when I think about my future and how I would like it to be. Now I have many plans for the proximate future, but who knows if they are going to come true and make me happy and content with myself. But how would be life in twenty years' time is very difficult to say because one does not know what will happen the next day.

Anyway, if I were to comment on this I could say that I am very optimistic when it comes to speak about my future. Even if many persons around myself are a little pessimistic I don't care what they believe. The only thing I know is that I am going to do my best for my dreams to come true.

I will be 34 years old in twenty years time. I will a normal man getting occupied in my work. I would be working very hard to get recognition and promotion in my career. I would be an Air-Force pilot working for Singapore Air Force on f-15 jet. I will a man shaving my beard and moustache before going to work. I will be wearing black suit with gold badge resembling Singapore Air Force symbol. I will be married by then, living in a HDB flat at Pasir Ris.

My life as an Air Force pilot would be busy. Getting up as early as 4a.m and return home as late as 12 midnight. I would be well-disciplined and dutiful man. I will be taking care of my beloved parents, who have raised me since young. I would be carrying great responsibility on my shoulders. I will be much mature than I would be than today. I will be more earnest and strong-spirited man.

In twenty years' time I expect to have a family but with no more than two children, because I don't like to take care of children so much. I see myself doing some charitable work and being away from home for great part of the day. I am a very communicative person and at the same time I get bored very quickly doing the same things. That is why I am sure I am going to be involved in different activities, related to helping people and traveling from one...
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