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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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My name is yogisha uttreja. I have done from Amity University lucknow. Currently pursuing PGDM from JRE Group of Institutions. My hobbies are playing games, indoor as well as outdoor. I have been successful in my career by making well-thought-out decisions. Whenever I come across any problem I solve it with good analysis of the situation and find the correct solution for it. I want to take HR as my specialization as it gives you the opportunity to assist in the development of the employees, to influence in the strategic decision making and it also give ample opportunities for career progression.

This is a kind of professional description about myself as written in CV or resumes. Now my interpretation about myself very personally, as you can say its an insight of me. From the childhood I have been living on my own though my mother is there for me as always but I like my personal space not to be intervened by anyone specially those whom I don’t like. I like to be with those whom with I am comfortable or with those who I can trust upon and share my inner feelings for as much time as I want- in short, I can be myself in front of them. I love discovering different seasons that pass through the whole year. From this you can interpret that I love to explore opportunities that come across. My regular day starts with a pleasant morning, silent atmosphere in my college at the hostel. The regular routine of a student is followed by me too- same as that of getting up, refresh myself, get ready for the college with same hustle and bustle and lots of thoughts occurring in your mind which makes you a puzzled person for that moment. Going to the mess for the breakfast, seeing others having a talk with people around them. This may be pressursing you to think that I don’t mingle with others. Actually I talk to people to a limited extend as I have mentioned it earlier, I keep few and close friends with whom I can be personal. The mess is full of students around...
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