Myrtle Beach

Topics: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Myrtle Waves, English-language films Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Myrtle Beach
Christina Rabb
January 28, 2012

Overall reasons on why people travel to Myrtle Beach, as the beach can be a very pleasant place to visit. There you can enjoy walking on the beach, swimming, looking for seashells, fishing off the pier, and more. There are also places to visit and see while in the area that is family friendly. Being able to walk along the main junction, visit shops together and having family fun. The main reason is the enjoyment of being outdoors enjoying the sights, sounds and activities of the beach. With the International Airport, major Highway, water park attraction, getaway packages, new ideas can make Myrtle Beach a tourist attraction of the future. Myrtle Beach has an international airport that is a gateway to the Grand Strand. The Grand Strand is the main road running through Myrtle Beach’s major hotel district. There is also a major U.S. Highway that supports hotel, shopping, and attractions that can bring in current and future tourist to the area. Bike Week being held in the month of May (The Ronin Agency, LLC, 1998-2010) is one of the many attractions that happen during the spring vacation days. This is a time in which motorcycle riders gather, which has been a ritual for many years that started in efforts to support the town. In Myrtle Beach, there are a few things that may catch the eye of those who may want to visit during the summer months. The attractions that mainly draw families along with beach atmosphere are the Myrtle Waves Water Park. This is a place that has different age group attractions. With the 20 acres and more than one million gallons of water (PARC Management, LLC, 2005-2011) there is plenty of things that can be done to last the whole day with the family. With getaway packages from hotels, to restaurants, shopping, golf, fishing, water sports, movies, beach games, and more. These getaway packages and attraction that can accommodate any family needs are just a highlight of what Myrtle...
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