Myra Levine

Topics: Nursing theory, Nursing practice, Nursing Pages: 35 (6534 words) Published: September 26, 2012

College of Health & Human Services
Department of Nursing

COURSE TITLE: Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Practice (3 credits).

FACULTY:Elaine Jackson, PhD, RN Crisp Hall – 319 573-651-2871(O) 243-2049(H) 450-2757(Cell)


Provides a basis for examining theory construction and the role that theory plays in providing the scientific basis for nursing practice. (3)


Admission to the Master of Science in Nursing program.


A.Describe the components of theory and their inter-relationships. B.Discriminate among the different levels of theory.
C.Demonstrate an understanding of terminology related to theory development. D.Examine the relationships among nursing theory, research, and practice. E.Describe the purposes of theory in nursing.

F.Discuss the history of theory development in nursing.
G.Analyze existing nursing theories and conceptual models for use in advanced nursing practice from rural and other cultural perspectives. H. Evaluate the application of other discipline theories to advanced nursing practice.


A. In writing, evaluate an adjunct theory’s applicability to advanced nursing practice. B. Using an oral presentation format, analyze the applicability of a middle range nursing theory to advanced nursing practice.

C. In writing, demonstrate the appropriateness of one major nursing theorist’s beliefs about nursing’s metaparadigm when considering the role of the advanced practice nurse.


A.Regular class attendance.
B.Class participation - active and informed.
C.Satisfactory completion of all course assignments.
D.Demonstration of knowledge of written resources pertinent to nursing theory, theory development, and analysis. E.Civility: “Every student at Southeast is obligated at all times to assume responsibility for his/her actions, to respect constituted authority, to be truthful, and to respect the rights of others, as well as to respect private and public property. In their academic activities, students are expected to maintain high standards of honesty and integrity and abide by the University’s Policy on Academic Honesty. Alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct are adjudicated in accordance with the established procedures of the judicial system.” (From the preamble of the Statement of Student Rights and Code of Student Conduct, revised January 8, 2004, Southeast Missouri State University)

F.ADA: “Any student who believes that they may need an academic accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact the instructor to arrange an appointment to discuss their individual needs. Instructors rely on Disability Support Services for assistance in verifying the need for academic accommodations and developing accommodation strategies. Students who have not already registered with Disability Support Services as a student with a disability will be encouraged to do so.” In other words, accommodations do not have to be given unless the disability is verified by Disability Support Services (573-651-5927). (Located on the Disability Support Services webpage)

G.Academic Honesty: Students will be expected to abide by the University Policy for Academic Honesty regarding plagiarism and academic honesty. Refer to:

H.Incomplete Course Grade: Should a student receive an incomplete grade in this course, the...
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