Mypyramid Plan

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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MyPyramid Plan
The United States is a nation that moves in the fast lane and creates unhealthy habits; we spend more time at work and driving that there is no more time to spend on creating a healthy lifestyle. The extra hours we spend driving to and from work every day cuts in to the time that we have in our daily lives to properly prepare a healthy and nutritional meal plan. With these time constraints we often look to a very quick and simple meal; fast food is so accessible with a franchise on every corner we tend to stop in and pickup takeout without even a second to ponder what we are feeding our bodies. Do most people even know how to read a nutrition facts label? Probably not and this is one big factor why obesity is a growing concern in this country. With a understanding of the nutrition facts label and the daily reference values I could plan my daily meals to reach the recommended percentage of vitamins and minerals that will help my body function correctly and efficiently, I will also be able to adjust my eating habits according to the physical activity that I perform throughout the day. The information that is shown on the MyPyramid Plan tells me the amount or daily intake that is required for my age and recommended calorie intake. With this knowledge I can look at the label and find the information that I need to calculate the serving size and adjust my intake to fit my need. Now with an understanding of the food groups in the MyPyramid Plan I can buy products from the food groups that are listed and cut back on the oil and fats. I can also plan my meals with food from each group to better fit my nutritional needs. I do have a problem with portion size and the information I gained from the MyPyramid Plan I can regulate my portions and eat more of what I need and less of what I don’t. Reference

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