Myplan Career Assessment

Topics: Personality psychology, Personality type, Psychology Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 28, 2013
When completing my MyPlan personality assessments, I believe I may have come off a little bias in the first two quizzes that I took. I completed my assessments as if I were someone else, answering the questions about myself. Basically I was looking at myself from someone else’s perspective rather than how I see myself. I think that my results may be a little swayed because of that, but I do believe that they are still very accurate in terms of how I see my personality. My personality results from the four assessments were not all that shocking to me. Some words used to describe my personality were introverted, a thinker, social, organized, investigative, and independent. I felt that these represented me very well because I also feel this way about myself in most cases. In multiple cases, I have been referred to, or have referred to myself as an introvert. I am often shy and reserved in many social places and I am usually caught up in my own thoughts rather than what is going on around me. The one that really confused me was that I was social. I would have never considered myself a social person until I read that blurb that was in my print out. It stated that “social people help, care for, and teach others.” I found this to be right on the money with me. I am always looking to help people in any way that I can, and I feel responsible, in many cases, for the actions of others. I also am very into solving problems by discussion and compromise. In the past, I referred to this as just being the better person, but now I know that that is just a key aspect of my personality in general. When I looked at my match scores for my careers analysis, I gave my results a little more thought than I otherwise would have if I weren’t looking at it with an open mind like Dr. Sheets encouraged us to do. My top match was Healthcare Practitioners and Technical. Normally I would have looked at that, said no, and moved on. In this case, I actually thought about it, and I realized...
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