Myers Briggs Paper

Topics: Personality psychology, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, INFP Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Inez Brown
PSYC 341

Myers Briggs Paper
After, taking the test it was noted that I am an Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging. It stated I am slightly expressed introvert, slightly expressed intuitive personality, moderately expressed feeling personality, and slightly judging personality. The first thoughts that came to mind were literally how did you know? How can anyone be so accurate to that degree on all levels? I am definitely impressed with the analysis. I found it to be truly astonishing how my character was described. I picked Counseling for my career because it best fits me in my everyday life. It seems everyone comes to me when they are having problems and need resolution. My brother and his wife come’s to me all the time to help gain closure on matters that may seem so far- fetched for them to come to an agreed common ground . She says they like to talk to me because I am not bias because of him. Even if either of them becomes upset I make sure to analyze the situation to the best of my knowledge by providing them with a rational solution that fits their situation at the time given. I rarely let my feelings get in the way of my decision making but sometimes feelings do become a part of what’s going on in life. I believe because I am aware that feelings can play apart in how a person may act or even respond in situations makes it easier for me to make sense out of non-sense. As far as being introvert, I love spending time with my friends and going out but I prefer staying home and being to myself; it allows me to think and come to terms with self on all levels. I prefer having a small get together with family and friends because I can remain in a comfort zone that I have all control over and that’s a definite plus for me. I find myself to usually be a good judge of character regardless to the situation or individual. My family say’s it takes a lot to get into my circumference of friends but once I befriend...
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