Myer Briggs Comparison

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Truth, Anxiety Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Myers-Briggs Comparison

This paper is going to encompass my understanding, and similarities of my Myers-Briggs assessment. Before I jump in to my conclusion, I should tell you that this is not my first experience with this personal traits examination. The big difference is that I took the complete 500 question version, about a year ago. This report covers so many areas, that I feel a little doubtful about its conclusion, all encompassed in 72 questions. I have learned that this is just an overview, a simple guide in the right direction, of who we really are. When I was first asked to take this, I was very curious to find out what exactly it was going to tell me about myself, if it was something that I really wanted to know, or just one of those tests that make you question every moral and personal trait about yourself. I was full of self-doubt, spending many hours wondering how my results really explained me or encompassed the truth about who I was exactly. I did however, deal with all that doubt, so this time when I was asked to take it, I somewhat knew what to expect, and what the results would say. Being comfortable with the truth about yourself is not a given programmed behavior, but certainly, in many ways, a learned reaction. What you will read next, will just be a collection of my thoughts on what exactly this report had to say. The first traits my profile states is I am Quiet, Friendly, responsible, and conscientious. I would agree with all of these statements with conviction. I usually tend to feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar settings, which makes me turn inward, and become quiet. If I am approached or acknowledged in any fashion I am extremely outgoing and friendly. Over many years of debate with myself, I can’t seem to come to a reasonable explanation as to why that is. I think most would consider me responsible, and many would be right. I think every person, right or wrong, has an irresponsible side. All depending, as in many things in life, we...
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