MyArea Film and Literary Society: Groups and Events for Local People

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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MyArea Film and Literary Society (MLFS) provide groups and events for local people. All participants must be members (who pay an annual fee) or their guests who may attend events. Fees vary from one group to another. In addition members may have a reduction in fees depending on their type of membership. For example Individual members pay 100% fees and Concessionary members pay 50%. There are also Household members and a special category called Friends of the Society.

The Society hosts a number of groups which meet monthly. Members can join one or more groups; currently these include Film, Science, Reading and Poetry Groups.

A paper record is held for each member, an example of which is given below.

Member details| Event talents|
Member No1022 NameJay PatelTelephone020 8888 3333AddressHigh Rd, London Member type Individual | Ability Code| Talent | | 01 Poetry 05 Science|
membership records|
Session (year)| Group code| Group name| CoordNo| CoordName| Feepaid| Date paid| 2007-2008| 01 | Poetry | 102| Carol Duffy| £60| 19/09/07| 2008-2009| 01 | Poetry | 102| Carol Duffy| £60| 02/09/08| 2008-2009| 06 | Reading| 111| Jane Austen| £75| 03/09/08| 2009-2010| 05 | Science| 181| Marie Curie| £90| 03/09/09| * | * | * | * | * | * | * |

Note that the group code and the ability code are both based on the same domain of values. The latter represents members’ talents which the Society may make use of – this is described later. One group of a particular type (such as Poetry) will be run each year, assuming there are nine or more members who want to join a group. Each group is run by a coordinator, who may change from one year to the next. In addition to the above, the society holds the address and telephone number of each coordinator.

Besides groups, the society also holds one-off special events, such as lectures, films, art exhibitions and...
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