Myall Creek Massacre

Topics: White people, Evidence, Crime Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Many people were involved in the Myall Creek Massacre; including Kilmeister and Anderson, who both had friendly relationships with the Kwimombal people prior to the Massacre, Kilmeister and Anderson both played different roles in the Massacre. Anderson; being much more supportive of the Aboriginal than Kilmeister. He lied to the gang in order to keep the Aboriginals safe. Kilmeister however helped lead the gang to the Aboriginials despite the friendly relationship they shared earlier.

When the British had first settled in, the Aboriginals and the British had a friendly relationship. But when white settlement increased, the Aboriginals began to feel threatened and afraid that the Whites were trying to invade their land. However, the whites felt as though the had a right to the land, as their definition of discovery is to have worked and farmed the land, whereas the Aboriginals felt that the land was sacred and they did not work or farm the land. Their two different opinions caused many fights an debates to arise.

The results of the Myall Creek Massacre lead to two trials. The first trail - no men were charged or sentenced to prison. There were many different opinions of the outcome. Some though theta it was right that the men were not charged, others were outrages that the men were let off. Although the law says that everyone was equal, the men were not charged for killing the Aboriginials. The Aboriginals obviously were outraged with the outcome, because the men were not charged and because the bodies were burnt there was no circumstantial evidence to charge them with.

The second trial however, revealed evidence linking the four men to the murder. They were then hanged. The men tried to justify themselves by saying that the Aboriginals had tried to steal the cattle. The news came up all over the media saying many different things. Some people said that the men were put to justice and others thought that they were wrongfully prosecuted. There...
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