My Zombie Apocalypse - Essay

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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My Zombie Apocalypse-  
Written from the view of me in a zombie attack 
Back of book- 
When you wake up in the morning you expect it to be sunny and happy and normal like always. But it wasn't like that for me not today, not this morning. It was dark darker than i had ever seen it. It was like the sun had gone out. Usually if you get up early enough you can see normal people running, trying to get in shape. But what was running past my house was not normal, not even close to normal. You watch movies about zombies thinking how funny and stupid they are and thinking that it would be so cool to have a zombie apocalypse happen that there would be no school, nothing to do. But let me tell you from experience, it is not as cool as it sounds.   


Chapter 1- 
I woke up with a start my heart racing. The dream slowly left my mind, too quick for me to see what it was about. After laying there for about a minute I sat up slowly and stretched my arms over my head until I heard a giant pop.  Satisfied I rubbed the crust from my eyes and yawned a giant O. I threw off the covers and kicked my legs off to the side of the bed. I felt my toes run through the white carpet, smiling at how soft it was. I padded lightly through the hallway opening the door. I glanced at the clock on the wall; the time read 5:30 am. I did a double take 5:30?! It’s a Saturday! I was walking back to my room but stopped to look out the window in my living room. It was still a dark hue of black outside(delete) and a misty fog rolled around outside. It was so thick I couldn't see the houses across the street. The light post on the median that was in the middle of the street shined brightly, helping me see better. As I looked closely at the fog a shadowy figure ran out of the fog towards my house. My heart was pounding inside my chest. As I slowly backed away from the window, the figure stopped and turned its head and looked directly into my eyes. Its red eyes bore into my soul and it...
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