My Years in High School

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I did not really have a freshmen year, I was at Huntsville high just got done eating lunch & my friend had a pipe & marijuana. The next thing I know is that I’m having a cop come up behind me & graving my color & putting me into handcuffs. I got arrested for my a really dumb reason, “I was the “partner” in crime”. Than I went to the seldom center to finish the school year & it was really easy so I had about 100s in every class than I finished my school year there & that’s the end of my freshmen year

My sophomore year was ok I had a really cool, fun, funny, spontaneous, & vary random mind. She was my Science teacher. She made it fun for not just me but for the entire class, if I was aboul to have a say on who I want to teach me Science for the rest of the years I am in high school & college it would be here. My History teacher was awesome, she was a stoner in my eyes & word around the school was that she is. I had a really good year that year, good grades, meeting new people & this is the year that Brandon Wagner first enrolled.

My junior year was fun I was an upper class men. But one of my dumb teachers in my Science class. Her teaching methods are dumb, & her grading methods were even more dumb. I could not stand here so I made shore I passed her class. This year was even better than the last one cause first off is when I found the girl of my dreams that summer before, I’m one year away from graduation, than off to college (Roll Tide).

This year, my senior year. I am at the top of the food chain so to speak. I have had a pretty relaxing time but there is A LOT more work than I thought there was going to be. Essays after essays… I am still with the girl that I talked about & hope to never leave her. I have got to do my ACT than see what I make than start applying to colleges (Roll Tide). I cant wait to graduate, oh & the Science teacher I was talking about in my junior year yeah… I have her this year too…
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