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Topics: Automobile, Vehicle, Internal combustion engine Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: May 19, 2011
Khyria Al-Nafisi
Sara Al-Zahrani
Writing II 216
20 Apr. 2011
Foreign or Domestic?
Transportation today is much different from the way it was fifty years ago. At that time, people who wanted to buy an automobile had a small variety to choose from. Nowadays, there are so many choice that it could take months to look at all the cars on the market. Often a buyer must first choose between a foreign car and domestic car. To reach a decision, a buyer should compare foreign and domestic cars in terms of quality and dependability, maintenance, and style. Foreign and domestic cars vary in quality and dependability. Most foreign cars are more reliable and more fuel efficient. Also, the engines of foreign cars are long-lasting and powerful. Moreover, these cars go through the crash test to ensure safety; so consumers can be sure of secure about their safety. In contrast, the engines of domestic cars are less powerful and reliable. Consumers could not find a many features on this type of cars. Besides, driving a domestic car can be dangerous because of less dependability. Another thing to consider is maintenance. Maintenance for foreign cars more expensive. Sometimes mechanics take a long time to find and Install spare parts. The good thing about maintenance for foreign cars is consumers could be ensured of quality auto service and mechanics. On the contrary, maintenance for domestic cars less costly. Also, mechanics serving consumers very quickly because most of the spare parts are available.

Finally, there is the subject of style. There are various styles of foreign cars that suit the needs of consumers. For instance, Sport Utility Vehicle, Sedan, and Luxury Car. Further, it is easy to find suitable cars for those who must drive through snow and mud. These cars contain terms of features like car phone, GPS (Global Positioning System), and comfortable leather seats. However, there are limited styles of domestic cars. Besides, those types of cars does not help all...
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