My Writing Process

Topics: Writing, Essay, Writing process Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Maria Watson
Kay Grossberg
English 1020 C01
6 June 2011
My Writing Process
Throughout the past two semesters of college I have had to write a number of essays using a wide assortment of techniques. I have found that there are some similarities in the writing process that I do use as stated in the Bedford Handbook. However it has always been easier for me to just jot down a few ideas as a first rough draft, and then correcting my mistakes and making it my final essay. Unless I am writing a research paper then I find it more easily to tape record my thoughts or interviews. It has been ten years or so since I attended high school. So for me I have to play catch up and relearn a lot of things that I have not seen or used since then. However, it does put a bit of strain on me knowing that there may be others reading my essays and not just my professor. Organization has helped me realize that they are many steps in the writing process from free writing to producing a final essay. I have found that in order to produce an excellent essay I need focus on organizing my thoughts. I have also learned what needs to be including in an essay and what does not.  I have noticed that my writing techniques have improved significantly, but punctuation and grammar has always been an issue for me. Although I still referee to the Bedford Handbook and to the Smartthinking Program, I am still having trouble learning where commas belong and trying to prevent from using unnecessary commas. I know that if I were to follow the process of writing multiple drafts it would help me to have an amazing final draft. Which would probably keep me from rushing through my essays. Mainly the most beneficial lesson I have learned about the writing process is mostly editing and revising drafts which will lead to a perfect final essay. Hopefully then I will learn to write an essay on a college level, and will help me to become a better writer.      My favorite essays to write or to read are...
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