My Worst Day of School

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  • Published : August 3, 2011
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Despite of the gross cold I decided to go to school .the problem was i didnt knew that day was a holiday,no it was not sunday but whatever day it was it was terrible.there is nothing like i am affectionate towards school but we students have to keep our work updated.the most weird thing was my mom didnt remembered it too. so after that i walked downstairs to my parking lot took my vehicle and drove .the first breeze made me astonished then the breezes didnt affect my will to go to school . at last when i reached near the famous 'samosa' port of jabalpur 'teen patti chowk' i realised something,no it was not about holiday i realised i have to buy a notebook for my maths as my old one has got over , no i didnt fill it with maths but the middle sheets are importanat for making handicrafts like airplanes for future engineering studies. continuing my journey towards the school i found a shop open but that day my bad luck was not so good and i discovered that i didnt have money ,not a single penny .but i didnt feel helpless and took advantage of being a student ,i asked the shopkeeper to give me a notebook the most thin one and i will surely pay him when i get money,he loooked at me in a way as if i have asked him to delete his account on facebook or as if i have asked him to sacrifice modern world and live in a cottage in last after finishing his 'pan' in his mouth he replyed "are u serious?? " and at that moment of my life i understood what a saint person was that guy .instead of wasting my time in any further discussion i left the place and headed towards the school my problems didnt end there but i had to face the school without a mathematics notebook what can a student think at that moment. i just prayed that my mathematics teacher doesnt come today ,although this was a benefit because praying and driving is not banned in india .but after all those cruel circumstances i finally reached my destiny and i was the only student who was sad because the...
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