My Worldview

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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My Worldview
A “worldview” was a big word for me when my teacher told me to write about it. I have known the meaning of the word, but when it comes to my mind, it becomes vague and I cannot think of what is my worldview. According to a dictionary, “worldview” means someone's opinions and attitudes relating to the world and things in general. I started to think of what affected me to think in the way I am doing now, what made me to choose to do a certain thing in my life, or why I have a certain opinion on a thing. Then, I found out one thing that makes up of a majority of my beliefs, thoughts, and actions. My parents have given a big influence to my worldview. My mother always tells me that I have to be independent. I have to continue my career even after I get married or have a baby. My mother quit her job because my father asked her to do so, so she became a housewife when I was born. From that time, she could spend most of her time for me, my sister and my brother. She told me once that she hated to miss any moments when she could see my growth. She enjoyed her motherhood, but now she regrets staying at home instead of continuing working outside. My mother and father no longer live together because she wants to get divorced from him. However, she hesitates to do it because of a lack of money. She has not build her career, so it is almost impossible to get a full time job at her age. She has a part time job, but it does not give her enough money to live by herself. She will get a little bit of money from my father’s pension even if she divorces him, but the amount of this money is really tiny; it may not be enough to cover even monthly food expense. Another one of her concerns after the divorce is the lack of connection to society. She feels as if she gradually has faded away from the society since she quit her job. She has been thinking of just everyday dishes, kid’s school or lessons, but not the economy or politics. Over 20 years while she was a housewife...
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