My Worldview

Topics: Quantitative research, Scientific method, Qualitative research Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Personal Worldview

As a foreign-born American, experience has taught this writer that the world is a place of extraordinary opportunity. The US is a land of unparalleled potential. One need only have a dream and the drive to succeed. As a practicing Buddhist, a life lived honestly and respectfully toward one’s fellow man will bring good fortune; however, while the future is predetermined, God has vested in me power of free will. Thus, I remain the master of my own fate. I intend to make the most of the possibilities offered me as a US citizen, DBA candidate, and future small business owner. My worldview, like any other, includes presuppositions, convictions and values from which I use to make sense out of events in my life. In this sense, my view is much like that described in MacArthur’s 2006 article. Life is a conceptual scheme by which a person consciously or unconsciously places or fits everything that he or she believes and by which he or she interprets and judges reality. Having born and grown up in a country where English was not a primary language, I have faced challenges in accomplishing my goals. My philosophy is “never give up.” I have tried hard to overcome obstacles that prevent success. I solve complex problems by following my instincts, which oblige me to analyze the situation, consider all solutions, and choose the one that is both ethical as well as most likely to succeed. I am most successful at influencing the behavior of others by negotiation and compromise. I willingly concede certain points in order to win others.

My worldview appears to be consonant with the advocacy and participatory worldview (APW) described by Creswell in Research Design (2009). APW emphasizes holism and regards the universe as a community of interconnected subjects rather than a collection of objects. Aligned with critical pedagogy, a participatory/advocacy worldview holds that formal knowledge creates a sense of intellectual inferiority among ordinary...
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