My World of Adventure Essay

Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Ocean Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: February 28, 2013
I’ve always thought myself to have strong sense of adventure. Being a born and raised farm girl from a small town, you would think it strange for me to know that there was so much more out there for me, even more so for me to actually get this far. It all started when I asked my current boss for a sabbatical. I then booked the first flight out of there and so my adventure began. I decided to start my journey with Lisbon. A girl I met at the international airport had the same idea and we decided to join forces and tackle this journey together. As we grew fonder of each other’s company we decided to stick together in the unknown city. Starting off we had nowhere to stay and were frantically looking for accommodation. Fortunately we met these two South African Airways pilots in a local bar and innocently asked if they knew of any inns or guest houses. To our surprise they had a spare room at the five star hotel that they were staying at; The Hilton Hotel and generously offered it to us. For two South African girls with only three thousand rand in their pockets this was a blessing. We stayed there for four luxurious nights. Being my first big city, Lisbon and its old-worldly feel will always have a special place in my heart. As I continued my journey, I made my way back-packing through Spain and came to the coast of France, finding myself yet again in a quaint little town called Antibes. It was there that I started knocking on boats. Being so eager to learn something new I found myself working as a deckhand on The White Lady. The skipper, being someone I am still very close with today, was very welcoming. It was the dirtiest job ever and definitely not for a woman in those days, spending long hours scrubbing the boats in a filthy boatyard. I quickly proved myself and became the hostess. For two seasons straight we worked around the French and Italian Riviera. I soon doubled my pay by making my way into the kitchen as a chef where I flourished fast. To further...
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