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Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Claim, Patent infringement Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: April 10, 2013
To be completed and submitted with every UTS Acceptance Name of Applicant: Application Number: Name of Course: Commencement Year: Mr Ran Gu 133764 C04067 - Master of Business in Marketing 2013 Commencement Intake: Autumn

UTS AGENT DECLARATION I declare that COMMENTS 1 I have explained the details in the letter of offer to this applicant. I have ensured that this applicant has read and understood the declaration in the acceptance form prior to signing it. I have accessed sufficient information about the UTS program structure (e.g. duration, content) and course requirements (e.g. academic and English) and have explained it to this applicant. I have provided sufficient information related to cost of study at UTS (e.g. tuition fees, health cover, living costs), for themselves and any dependent, for the entire duration of the course. I have assessed this applicant’s financial ability to cover their expenses, using the requirements set by DIAC for a non-SVP application for a Higher Education (HE) course from the same country as a guideline. Having undertaken the assessment as per (5) I confirm that this applicant has access to sufficient funds to cover all expenses incurred during the duration of their UTS course including tuition fees, related study costs, health cover, and living expenses. I further confirm that I have sighted and have copies of documentary evidence relating to this assessment that will be included with the applicant’s visa application. I have provided this applicant’s most recent home address, email address, home and mobile phone numbers to UTS. I have explained the conditions of a student visa to this applicant (e.g. work rights, academic progress, provider transfer). I confirm that this applicant appears to have every intention of abiding by the condition of their student visa and completing their UTS program in the standard duration.






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Note: You must not sign this form unless you are able...
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