My Work Expiernce

Topics: Quality control, Hygiene, Bread Pages: 7 (2247 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Dates of work experience:
28th, 29th, 30th of March 2012

Prepared by:
Jason Ó hÚallaigh

Name and address of work placement:
O'Hara's bakery,
Co. Mayo, Ireland.
Tel: (+353 94) 925 6114
Fax: (+353 94) 925 6796

Description of business:
Production of cake and bread products.

Name of supervisor:
Margo Gaughan.

Position of work placement:
Cake producer
Quality control.

Brief description of duties involved in the work placement:
Work as a receptionist during “rush” hours. Answering calls from other companies wanting orders for there bread and cakes. Worked in research department researching the amount of cakes and bread went out of the bakery the day before. Lastly I worked in producing the cakes and also wrapping them. This gave me an insight on how they and made and wrapped at such a high quality.

Outline 5 reasons why you choose this work experience:
1.I picked this work experience because I’ve always had a passion for food and mostly a passion for baking. I’ve never done home economics but after doing it in transition year last year I’m growing into baking and cooking. 2.My 2nd reason is because at home my mother is always making soda breads, Madeira cakes and also spelt bread. But I’ve always drove past the bakery and always wanted to know how it is made at a larger scale, with orders and different types of cakes and breads, I understood the pressure and the work that goes threw each day at the bakery. 3rd reason is because my brother worked for 4 years here when he was my age, he used to tell me how well everything is put together in meaning how timed everything is, especially with the bread as the bakery would produce on average 21,000 cakes and loafs a day. 4.My 4th reason is because O’Hara’s bakery has had and still to this day has the reputation for having quality products. I noticed this as a lot of training and hygienic demonstrations are giving to the workers. O’Hara’s has the W.C.M mark which stands for world class manufacturing, after I asked Margo my supervisor , she said “Phil O’Hara , our quality director has put a lot of work into hygiene and also quality” I was highly satisfied on how to this day how hygienic it is. 5.My last and final reason is our economic society. At the moment we are in finical downfall and my mother has always said that I should see how a business is finding it hard to keep going. After my experience I have now realized how hard it is for people owning the business and also working in the business.

Day 1 – diary entry
Date: 28th of March 2012
Starting time: 9:00
Finishing time: 3:15

How were you trained/inducted/introduced/instructed in the work place today? When I arrived at 8:50, I was introduced to the floor manager and the floor manager assistant. The floor manger was Margo and her assistant was Helen. We where told about the quality and how big quality is in the bakery. We were instructed to wear overalls and a snood cap for hygienic purposes; I was then brought to be I would be for the day. The reception room, I met a woman called Patrice she instructed me to be a receptionist for the day. I took the offer and as it was Wednesday , that is payday for the lorry drivers and I gave all of the lorry and delivery men there pay checks and whilst I was there I was told to go and get there order docket off them. I didn’t understand what an order docket was and I was told, that is the amount of products they gave to the shops per day. When I came back I was told to count how many products went out the day before and an outstanding 15,500 products of cakes and breads went out of the bakery. The majority of the time I was advised to always sanitize as hygiene in the bakery is a key factor.

Duties preformed
The first day I was in the bakery was somewhat interesting as I saw the difference between...
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