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Topics: Dialect, Language, Language change Pages: 13 (1832 words) Published: April 23, 2013
GCSE English Language
Unit 3: Controlled Assessment
Spoken Language Study



Spoken Language Study

10% of final English Language grade
Controlled Assessment January
9 hours of lessons; 3 hours of controlled assessment writing

Assessment Objectives:

1. Understand variations in spoken language, explaining why language changes in relation to contexts

2. Evaluate the impact of spoken language choices in their own and others’ use

Lesson 1: Spoken v Written

Lesson 2: Contextual Factors and Social Attitudes

Key Words related to Speech
Match the word to the correct definition.

1. Standard EnglishA The way you speak, depending on context and audience 2. Received PronunciationB Form of grammar and vocabulary accepted as the national norm 3. AccentC The grammar and vocabulary of a particular region. 4. DialectD The way someone pronounces individual words in a geographical region 5 Repertoire E A person’s individual style of speaking 6. IdiolectF The accent of Standard English, often seen as the proper way of speaking. 7. Sociolect G The way you speak, depending on your particular social group 8. Contextual Factors H Factors that influence the way you speak, eg gender, etc

|1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 | | | | | | | | | |

Homework: Idiolect Study
Read Michael Rosen’s account of his idiolect.
Write your own account of influences on the way you talk. Write a paragraph on each of the following:

1. How would you describe the way you speak?
2. What do you think the way you speak tells other people think about you? 3. Explain how you change your speech in different situations(e.g. talking to teacher, talking to family, asking questions in a shop, etc.) 4. Have you ever been embarrassed or ashamed about the way you speak? Why? Why not?

Extension: Try to use key words in your response

Lesson 3: Non-Fluency Features and Transcripts

Read this transcript and complete your allocated feature in the following table

|Non-Fluency Feature |Example |Effect/Reason this occurs | |repetition (of the same word) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |back-tracking (repeating the same idea in| | | |different words) |...
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