My Weekly Schedule

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Describe your week so far. What you have done? Overall, has this week been hectic, busy, routine or slow? I can describe my last week as a very busy and fast week at work. I have done many things so far during the last past week. First at all, my week started the first at school of summer term at University of North Florida. It was 6:30 am of Monday, May 07, 2012 when my clock alarm woke me up. I prepared myself very quickly and then left my home about 7:15 am. The distance between my house and UNF is about 25 miles or less, so I drove around 45 to 50 minutes with a lot of traffic and many crazy people trying to get at work on time. MY wonderful and amazing teacher Mrs. Irene Sillas gave us a sweet and softy welcome back to all students including me of course, hahaha. Right After class, around 11:00 am I have done with all my grammar classes, so I drove another 45 minutes back home. I took a wonderful nap and ate my lunch and then I started to get ready to go to work. At that moment was when my second responsibly started. I been working second shift for more than 4 years. I left home at 2:45 pm right after I got ready and food for dinner was complete ready. I started working at 3:30 pm on a new project at work that I never have done before. It was something really new for me and very interested to me. I had to replace a very important part of the airplane that we were working since last week. The part called Jack Screw from the Vertical Stabilizer was my first major job so far at work. At the end of my shift I have done what my supervisor and my team lead gave to do for the whole shift. They were surprised that I did everything right without any mistake on my first time. So far, all this was just what I have been doing since I started the summer term on UNF. Every day in the morning is mostly the same as I wrote before and in the afternoons sometimes I had to do new things but mostly it was pretty much the same as I mentioned.

By Alexander 8809.
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