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Topics: Requirements analysis, Microsoft Windows, Software engineering Pages: 4 (618 words) Published: March 21, 2013
The requirements gathering process is intensified and focused specifically on software. Software requirements analysis encompasses understanding the information domain for the software as well as required function, performance, behavior and interfacing. Requirements for both the system and the software are documented and reviewed with the customer.


Software design is a multi-step process that focuses on four distinct attributes of a program: data structure, software architecture, interface representation, and procedural details. The design process translates requirements into a representation of the software that can be assessed for quality before code generation begins. The design is documented and becomes part of the software configuration.


The design is translated into a machine – readable form. If design is performed in a detailed manner, code generation can be accomplished mechanistically.


The testing process focuses on the logical internals of the software, assuring that all statements have been tested, and on the functional externals i.e. conducting tests to uncover errors and ensure that defined input will produce actual results that agree with required results.


Software maintenance applies to following phases in the existing program: a. Change in software due to errors.
b. Change in software because the software must be adapted to accommodate changes in its external environment. c. Change in software when the customer requires functional or performance enhancements.

Analyzing user characteristics is an important aspect of any project. It allows the team...
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