My Weakness

Topics: Better, Weakness, I Can't Sleep at Night Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Our achievements speak for themselves. However, when it comes to our setbacks, failures and weaknesses, we feel uncomfortable talking about them. All of us have failed at some time to equal our dreams of perfection or to perform well. The big issue is not our weaknesses; they are part of life. The issue is how we manage these imperfections so that they do not dictate us. Setbacks and weaknesses can be robust stepping stones that lead to growth and maturity. However, utmost care should be taken while mentioning our weaknesses in our application so that we do not inadvertently present ourself in poor light. As we know that nobody is 100% perfect in the world. Each and every individual has some weakness, so as I. My weaknesses hinder my abilities and are flaws in my personality, which could complicate my relationships with others.   One of my weaknesses is arrogance.   I am very confident in my abilities that sometimes it might be considered egotism.   Another of my weaknesses is that I am somewhat judgmental.   I expect others to do their best job, and I can be quick to judge them when they don’t meet my expectations.   An important weakness of mine is that I have poor public speaking skills and stage fearness which I could not escape from it. When I have to speak in front of others, I can get very nervous no matter how prepared I am.  This could be a problem in the future with presentations I may have to give. Moreover, one of my personal weaknesses is that I have bad handwriting. I usually write with little or no spaces between words and combine cursive and printing together. My school teacher and my parents often complaint that my work looks like that of a child who doesn't understand English or who thinks faster than he can write. Some of my work, the teacher would not mark because she can't read it. To make up for that, I have spent a lot of time working my computer skills so that I can type long essays and other similar assignments. This has helped me to...
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