My Way to the Top

Topics: Human, Morality, Want Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: January 13, 2013
My way to the TOP, based on “Room at the top”

Everybody has their dreams, wishes and plans for the future. My conceptions are connected with wonderful family, successful career and amiable friends, who I could share both bad and good moments in my life. Being on the top is not only being rich and famous, but being wise and sensible person that people could trust whenever they have problems. One of the keys for successful life is the education , which gives us the most useful lessons in our life- it builds our intelligence and develops our friends-making system. So, my plan for the future is to continue my education, finish it and then I will do my best to get a great job, which will allow me to start a family, because I want stability and safety for my future children. The example that John Braine gives us is not exactly the most appropriate. Joe Lampton cheats, lies, let himself to be bought off. This is not understandable for me. Of course, I like his determination and strong spirit to get what he wants, but I definitely will not follow any of his steps. On the way to the top we will face many difficulties and we have to be ready to sacrifice. Sometimes in life we have to accept the reality. Nobody is obliged to tolerate us like our mothers are used to, for example. We have to make compromises, because they are the little things that helps us trough the life. But we all have to know where the limit is. My way of thinking as a human being will never change. No matter what kind of problem is, everybody has to be humane and not to change their morals for money. I have my personal morals and values and I think that nothing is as precious as the human life. Another problem which John Braine focused on is about people who allow other people to buy them off. This is really unacceptable for me. Every person has to be proud of theirselves and to defend their interests. So I think that nobody could buy me off, my human being is...
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