My Viw Toward Internet

Topics: World Wide Web, Laptop, Wi-Fi Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 28, 2013
The golden internet era
Since the successful connection of computers scattered in four universities in the USA, the internet has been endeavoring to reach every corner of the world and pull it into the internet world. Lives have been changed and the history has been altered overwhelmingly during recent years. All of the signs mark that the golden internet era is coming. The internet is becoming inseparable in people’s lives. The average time internet users spend on the internet is 13.4 hours in china, which is almost the same as in US, Singapore, Korea and some industrialized European countries. However, it’s not a stunning number at all as far as I concerned. In my university, students are addicted in the internet. Some even keep on line as long as they are not eating and sleeping. It goes without concern that we can really do a lot of stuffs on the internet. Taking myself for an example, I search the wifi every time as soon as I get to a new place. With my laptop or my ipad, I can read newspapers, connect my friends, check stock markets and most importantly, I feel consoled and safe to be surrounded by this miracle invisible stuff. The internet business is expanding and aggregating fortune for people who exploit it intelligently. According to Forbes China’s 400 richest list, the CEOs of three giant internet companies (Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba) show up triumphantly in the top 10s. Moreover, electronic business surpasses traditional retail business. Costumers are more fond of ordering electronics on Jingdongshangcheng website and waiting home for delivery than picking them up in Suning shops. Possessing the advantages of lower price, good service and efficient logistics, electronic business surely will take up most of the market in the foreseeable future. However, internet companies also suffer a lot recent years from the transition of personal computer to mobile devices. They push out new applications in terms of games, media, education, economy and so on...
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