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Topics: Piano, Franz Liszt, Music Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: April 30, 2013
On Friday, February 15, 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting an extraordinary Pianist named Jade Simmons which played beautiful pieces at the Detroit Institute Arts. Jade Simmons performed music from her new EP playing with Fire featuring music collaboration with electronic musician Roburt Reynolds. Jade Simmons is a part of the new generation of Classical Music. Her music style is classical with maybe a little new school hip hop beats added. I must say that I never had interest in hearing any classic music besides the soundtracks that we are forced to hear doing movie soundtracks. Hearing her style of classical music was a phenomenal experience because it was something I never heard that sound so soothing and relaxing to my ears. Also I enjoyed how she gave background information before playing each piece. Therefore she mentioned some of her pieces that were played came from her music book by Franz Liszt Grandes ‘Etudes de Paganini piano sonata in B minor. The three pieces that were played were Rockne, HipHop18, and Super hero. First, the piece called Rockne was classical music that was played by a piano and I heard bell tones as well. Jade played the piano on this song with a large range of dynamic contrast starting off loud and mellowed out softly at the end. The music was so bright which gave me a vivid picture where as the music seem to be alive. Next, the piece Hip Hop 18 was a classical hip hop song played with a piano an added electronics. Jade played the piano and her laptop computer was playing electronic base sounds. This song was played with a large range of dynamic contrast which was loud, bright and fast. This style was livelier and created more intensity. Lastly, Super Hero which was a classical song played with piano and added electronic beats. This song was played with a large range of dynamic contrast which was alive, loud, and fast with a vibrant base tone . This particular sound reminds me of something off a super hero movie sound track. I...
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