My View of the Open Boat -Naturalistic Story

Topics: Universe, Writing, Category theory Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: April 9, 2013
When writing a story there are certain key points that have to be fulfill. The natural writings have key points from which we can determinate that they do belong in that category. Natural writings are full of descriptions and details about the world or to be more precise about the theme they cover. They are true replica, showing reality as it is but the basic on which they are written covers the influence of other forces that are affecting the characters in the story. The story ''The Open Boat'' is a natural writing full with details about the sea, water, birds, wind, sun etc. described thoroughly with the intention to create a real world where we can feel the nature. It describes the blow of the wind, the darkness of the clouds, the fly of the birds, the image of the horizon and so many things that have an intention to put the reader right in the middle of the events in the story. It is a characteristic of this writing to put accent into the plot of the story instead of the characters and their personalities in the story. Through the forces of the nature that are shown in these writings the reader will be exposed to a different feelings that are inserted into the story. This story is filled with hope, pessimism, fate, absurdity and survival at the very end. The nature gives hope for finding a shore and to find salvation, at the same time it changes and pulls the characters away from happy end, putting them in absurd and impasse situation to doubt why they are still alive when the inevitable should happen. But as in all of the nature writings at the end there is an upturn and the unexpected happens -humans are saved.
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