My View of Hell Based on Dantes Inferno

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  • Published : January 17, 2006
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Felipe Garcia

Inferno Essay
Everyone has a different view on what they believe hell is like. Dante is very strong and opinionated on his own view. His views are affected by, what I believe, the period of time he lived in and the career he chose. I disagree with Dante's impression of hell. Both opinions vary greatly and both are our own personal beliefs.

The inferno is all one big connected place. It is a place to look back at what was done wrong in life and repent, even if it is too late. Everyone has a chance to get out of going there, it just matters on the decisions you made while still alive. Hell will be a very dark, malodorous place. The pit of hell will be never ending. A land of fire.

Rings and circles wouldn't matter to the people there, the only way you know other people are there is by their screams of torment. Everyone there is punished and tormented by fire and demons. A sin is a sin, thieves will be punished the same as murderers but in a different way.

The first circle would be liars, this could be the most populated circle. These people should also have a stitch through their lips for each lie ever told. That way if they were pathological liars, they wouldn't be able to speak at all anymore.

Hell's second circle would be sorcerers and witches. The punishment for them should be to be attacked by every spirit they have ever invoked and to be one of those spirits. A Soul that has to work for other witches and sorcerers. They will feel what they were causing.

Adulterers will reside in the third circle, it is very dark there and impossible to see anything at all. Their adultering eyes is what I think took them their. They should not have been looking at other people when they had already chosen who they would stay with for life.

Greedy and gluttonous people will be tormented in the fourth. They were greedy in life, and in hell everything they ever wanted they will have. Resting on their shoulders....
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