My View about the Influence Films Have on Young People

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My view about Films influence on Young People
In the past 50 years, movies and movies have become a large part of people's entertainment activities. The influences from movies and movies, therefore, have grown exponentially on young people's behavior. There is a continuous debate on what roles movies and movies play on young people. From my point of view, I believe that movies and movies have harmful effect on young people than a favorable effect. To begin with, movies distract young people who need to concentrate on their school work. Nowadays, there are so many of cable channels that lure young children and take their attentions from their studying. Because young children are lack of self-control and deciding when to stop, if they start watching movies, it is hard to stop and make them staying away from it and focus on what they are supposed to do. Even if their parents force them to turn off the movies and studying, their mind and attention are with the show that they are addicted to it. Of course, they would not get a good grade on their test and quiz, and have a hard time to focus in the class. They may have a day dream and do not listen to what teacher says because only thing they think is what will happen next on the show. It is like a man who is addicted to drinking and someone enforces him to quit the drinking, this person will never stop thinking himself drinking an alcohol. Also he will not be able to focus any of his work task, and just looking for a way to drink an alcohol. Therefore, watching movies has bad effect on young children who need to focus on studying. Secondly, movies make young people violent, due to the easily accessible to the violent scene by watching movies. Violent scene does not only contain aggressive behaviors but also include some inappropriate things like sexual images and showing smoke cigarettes. When they are not protected from those scenes, they easily believe and tend to act like what movies shows because they are not...
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