My Vacation Essay

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Courtney Morning
Period 1
Mr. Warren
My Vacation Essay

My destination was Georgia and the reason why we originally went there was just for a vacation. But later my family and I decided to stay because we ended up enjoying our time there. One thing I do remember was us being on the plane for at least 5 hours and how much the cost came out to be which was $400. Another thing that seems to always bother me while traveling was the turbulence, honestly it scares me.

The first thing I saw when I arrived was how different the trees are from ours. This to me was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen was honestly just being there. But the one thing I did notice was how different the restaurants and stores were from where I live. Even the buildings they were real historic and kind of small. But certain areas out there are kind of similar to ours though which was pretty interesting to see. But they had many different unusual insects that you usually wouldn’t see in Southern California like fireflies and deer’s even snakes.

There were a lot of wooden and brick homes and homes without gates with huge land mass. But the food you would mostly see out there is soul food which was actually great! But the adults seemed to dress the same as any other regular adult you see in Southern California but the teenagers were slightly different .Most wore baggy clothing well the boys did and some wore American Eagle . I could honestly say that the people out there are much nicer than the people in Southern California.

They also listen to lots of country and Christian music which was another thing I noticed was pretty different from us. I noticed that the people out there were real hard workers they had a lot of landscaping and construction work going on through out the city. But the salary was much lower than ours, but the houses were cheaper. But the people out there pretty much used there money the same we did, but more so on important things they...
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