My Utopia

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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My Utopia

Utopian society in my view is where people are their own individuals, but live in small communities, supporting their neighbors and not worried about the whole world.
Utopia is where people take responsibilities for their actions and feel self-empowered. They don’t complain, don’t protest or agitate. If they don’t agree with something, they organize themselves and try to make a change through action and not just getting in a public place and scream their discontent for how things are currently being run.

Utopia is where people are allowed to compete. Competitions would foster creativity and push for better things in all aspects of life. Businesses would rise and fall on their own merits. There is no such thing as “too-big-to-fail” entity. Everyone can fail and should when not able to compete in my utopia. There is such as free market, and no one can interfere. It is run by a law of nature – interest rates and prices would fluctuate, the law of scarcity would apply without people thinking that everything is abundant and unlimited.

Utopia is done through a direct democracy. Society is built as a pyramid, in a hierarchical order. Someone has to be on top, above everyone else. However, the top would not be a sharp point like in a true pyramid, but rather flat – representing a group of people, not just one or few individuals, who would have the power to make the final decision. But their decision would be based purely on what the bottom of the pyramid wants and how their wants are filtered by the middle part of the pyramid

Utopia is where everyone has equal opportunities, and no affirmative action to give a minority group a better chance when all else is equal just to make up for the wrongdoings of the past generations. In my utopia, there is no emphasis on the fact that there is more of one group of people than another. Difference would be embraced, but not imposed; they would be respected and not ridiculed. There is no political correctness...
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