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My name is Davis Victor Lema. I am nineteen years old and almost turning into a young adult. I am very social and being this social helps me fit in well wherever I go to. I am good at making sure I get what I want and even when am not a hundred percent well I still manage to pull of amazing work, ideas and many contributions to the society.

I did not complete my secondary education to form 6th level but managed to obtain great grades in form 4. The grades obtained were from a Cambridge examination, well known as the IGSCEs. I managed to put in the bag a few A’s, B’s and a couple of C’s. An A in English as first language, an A in Information Communication Technology, a B in Physics, B in Chemistry, B in Biology, C in Mathematics, C in Economics and another C in Geography.

During my school life, I took part in various sports. This is part of the reason I was very popular in school for holding a lot of records in sports. I held the 100metres and 200metres sprint records, triple jump, long jump and also took part in soccer where I was crowned as the top scorer in the Copa Coca Cola and was sponsored to go play for the district for which I didn’t manage to go play for because of an injury. In swimming, I set the underwater swimming record and the breaststroke 50metres as well as the 50metres free style.

When it comes to free time, I do a lot of exercising to stay fit not to become a heavy weight lifter. I hit the gym pretty much everyday for an hour and a half. Reading magazines also becomes a priority. The television is only interesting when you have no any other source of entertainment. I do not like hanging out alone but actually prefer being around people and talking about the changes that we could make. I am not like every other form four leaver but when I decided to leave school I had a reason and at that moment to me it seemed that it was the perfect moment to take part in business. It was stressful at the start but now I know the key factors.

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