My Unforgettable Trip (Sempu Island)

Topics: Public transport, Brackish water, Bus stop Pages: 3 (1235 words) Published: June 12, 2011

Sempu Island is amazing island, located about 70 kilometers south of the center of 'Malang' city, East Java. Technically, this island is a nature reservation under the jurisdiction of the natural resources conservation station (BKSDA IV) in Malang. The most interesting part of the Sempu Island is there are lake and lagoon inside of this island. The Lake called "Segara Lele" is a brackish water lake, and the unique one is why there is brackish water on the island surrounded by a sea which should brine. However, this place is less popular as a tourist spot because there are wild animals around there. The lagoon called "Segara Anakan" is a collection of separate brine from the sea by a barrier reef, sand, rock or something. This is the most popular tourist spot on the Sempu Island, because the shape of the lagoon like in the movie "Beach". Supply water of this lagoon is derived from the big holes reef in center, which periodically provides a great view of water splash sound of waves hitting the reef and some water was flowing into there. "How to get there?" is the question often asked. Good question, I will answer with a cheap version or backpacker as I did with my friends. The most popular liaison city to reach this place is Malang. There is a daily train to reach Malang from Yogyakarta with various class; executive, business, or economy, especially for economy class must depart from Solo but don’t worry, from "Lempuyangan" train station in Yogyakarta we can take a train "Prambanan Express" to the "Jebres" train station in Solo because from there we can take a train "Mataremaja" that led to Malang, and for a ticket prices about 30,000 rupiahs. After arriving at "Kota Lama" train station in Malang, from there we headed to the "Arjosari" bus station by using public transportation (angkot) or you can ask the officer in the train station about that, and the cost around 3000 rupiahs. From the "Arjosari" bus station we can use...
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