My Unforgettable Experience

Topics: Want, Need, Family Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: October 9, 2012

Good morning to my beloved lecturer and my entire fellow classmate. Today I want to share with all of you about my unforgettable experience that when the first time I have my own self phone. It is not so attractive, but it is an experience that taught me a lot. I come from modest family and my parent kind of parent that is not pampering or indulge their children even though they only have two children, which are my brother and me. One day I come to my father, and express my desire to have my own self phone. Later that, my father said he will think about it. On that day, after dinner, my father come to me and said “if u wants something, u must try to get it”. In other word, if u want something u must work on it, my mother who is sitting beside my father just node her head. After that, I cannot sleep and still thinking what I need supposed to do to get what I need. After two days, I come up with solution. So, in order to achieve my dream to get my own self phone, I decided to work. During that time, I am 15 years old and still young. I am not angry with my father at all and thank to him for giving me an advice. I am so proud of myself, and that is the first job in my life such as salesgirl. That is my unforgettable experience. Thanks everyone.
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