My Uncle Keeth

Topics: Experiment, Odor, Olfaction Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Kaboom, is all I heard once I opened the door to the garage. Coming out of a haze of smoke around him my uncle sneezes, “Niece, I screwed up on the experiment again”. Uncle Keeth a physically weak man, but a great scientist, gave up his summers to help raise me. He was a man that everyone revered as a scientist, but laughed at when it can to sports. Uncle Keeth is a quirky nerd.

I can still remember waking up one morning, and walking down stairs half asleep to the basement where my uncle worked. Walking down squeaky wooden stairs to a darkened basement. Cob webs hanging in the corners from the ceiling of the room. A single flickering light dangles from the ceiling in the middle of the room. My uncle in the center of the room standing right over a work desk made out of solid red wood. He was wearing a over sized white lab coat, with his big, thick, dorky glasses. As I walked towards him I whispered, “What are you doing uncle Keeth, another experiment?” He kindly replies, “I am framing this Glaucopsyche Lygdamus that I have recently caught.” Glaucopsyche Lygdamus is a Silvery Blue Butterfly that is found in Alaska to Baja California and New Mexico. As I stood to the right of my uncle I saw this brilliant blue butterfly with a silver tint flutter its last breath inside the jar. Uncle Keeth unscrewed the lid of the jar, and with thin, silver, metal tweezers he gently pulled the butterfly out of the jar. With a shaky hand uncle Keeth pushed a small pin through the back of the blue butterfly. He set the butterfly in the center of the cardboard back of a picture frame. Once in place uncle Keeth places the transparent glass in place with the dark auburn colored frame.

My uncle Keeth was an entomologist how worked and studied everything about the creepy crawly insects. He did everything from studying then to catching and preserving them. Middle aged already with a hunched back he always wear a white lab coat and warn brown loafers. There was a smoky peppermint...
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