My Two Favorite Sports

Topics: American football, Educational years, High school Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: December 12, 2007
My Two Favorite Sports
By Myles Moris
I have always played basketball and football. Ever since I was a young one my favorite sports to watch and play has been basketball and football. I like them both because they both take different but similar skills to excel at. If I had to choose between the two I would choose basketball. I like basketball more because I'm better at it then I am at football and I've been playing it a little while longer.

I started to play basketball in fifth grade and football in seventh grade. I only started football later because my mother was against all contact sports. But then in seventh grade in one of my basketball games I was kicked in the face when taking and shot. That act is what I think gave my mom a clue that I no matter what I do in my life I'm going to get hurt. I went on to play varsity basketball at my school in ninth grade, tenth grade, and my senior year. And I was involved in a huge tournament in France and Switzerland where I received the Defensive player award and our team placed 3rd. I also played varsity football in my ninth and tenth grade year.

I've always considered myself a good athlete; quick, strong, and smart. I try to apply these attributes to my game every moment I play but I have to use them indifferent ways. In basketball I think a lot more than in football. I try to put myself in the right spot to get the ball and spy on other players to guess on what their next move will be. I look at basketball as a finesse sport, a sport that you need skill for to be good at. And when it comes to my skill I am no pushover I play hard against any opponent that wants to play. When it comes to football though I play different, I don't like getting ridiculously smashed by a defender.

When I play football I am constantly moving. I do admit I try to watch each player as I do in basketball but it's almost impossible to use your eyes to the fullest ability with a helmet on. I was hit very hard my first year of...
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