My Two Bestfriends

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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Name: Latoya Spates
Course: Com 0094
Date: 09 November 2010
Paper 3: Comparative Essay
Instructor: Dr. Sturgis
My Two Best Friends
Many people have friends who are similar and different in numerous ways. Friends can be similar in age, attitude, and interests. On the other hand, some of the differences between these friends can include height, beliefs, goals, ethnicities, and cultures. I have two friends- Kenneth and Chris. Even though they are both my friends their differences makes them unique, and that is why I love them both. Kenneth and Chris both have girlfriends. They both have been in their relationships for about 3 years and both met their girlfriends in their freshmen year of college. Despite the similarity of both having girlfriends for the same amount of time, they treat their girlfriends differently. Kenneth spends every moment with his girlfriend, as if it were their last moment together. For example, every morning, he picks her up from school and brings her a dozen roses. On the other hand, Chris takes his girlfriend for granted. For instance, every morning, Chris’ girlfriend will pick him up from work, but sometimes he decides to catch a ride with someone without letting her know before she arrives at his work place. Chris also never gives his girlfriend gifts but Kenneth gives his girlfriend much more attention than Chris gives his. Another similarity between Kenneth and Chris is that they own their own homes. They have owned their homes for about 3 years, and they both bought their homes as foreclosures. Kenneth and Chris live in the same neighborhood as I. However, Kenneth keeps his house very organized. His house is always clean and everything is in order. For example, his carpet always looks brand new, his bathroom is spotless, and his kitchen has everything organized with the dishes always put away. On the other hand, Chris’ house looks like a tornado ran through it. Chris’ house is always a mess. For example, Chris always has clothes...
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