My Turning Point

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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My Turning PointMy Turning Point was when I met the most handsome man I had ever seen. I saw this man for the first time at the water fountain at work. I was very shy back then and I had just gotten out of a very bad relationship. I just said hi and went back to work. I ask a lady who works with me what that handsome guys name was. I believe it was love at first sight, if there is such a thing. As a result, I joined a bowling league that our company had from work. It seem like most of the people I worked with bowled. I did not know at the time I joined that this handsome man, I met at the water fountain was the best bowler in the bowling league. However, after bowling for a few weeks my team finally had to bowl the team that this handsome guy bowled on. Meanwhile, I had found out this guys name was Sidney. I was sure hoping I did not have to bowl against Sidney. My heart was pounding because I had to bowl the team that Sidney was on because, they seemed to be so good. I introduced myself and started talking to Sidney. Many weeks went by and Sidney finally ask me out on a date. I had been told by some of my coworkers that Sidney was in a relationship and I was so sad because I thought I had met the perfect man for me. Although, I did not give up I acted like I was not that interested and played a little hard to get. Sidney finally ask me why I had been avoiding talking.That is when I said that I had heard about the relationship with another woman . Sidney then told me that relationship was over and would I go out for supper. That is when our relationship began.Nevertheless, I dated Sidney almost 5 years before I was ask for my hand at marriage. I had finally got the man of my dreams. I got married in 1976 and was the happiest woman alive. I continued to work at the same place as my now husband. I thought it was great working at the same place as my husband. About 2 years later I had our daughter. This was one of the most joyful times of my life. My Page page 1...
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