My Turkish Adventure

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January 22, 2013

My Turkish Adventure

Traveling has been something I have always had a desire to do. As an Active Duty Airmen; this was a dream come true. All I could think about was traveling to different countries, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. My first base didn’t fit the mold of an overseas location. No indeed, it was Kessler Air Force Base, in Biloxi, MS. I knew in my heart I had to leave that God forsaken, hot as molasses place; before my plane ever landed. As soon as I in-processed the base, I was asking the question, “How soon could I put in for an overseas assignment?” By the time I learned how to operate the Intensive Care Unit bells and whistles; which took me about a year. I was well on my to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.

My flight was very long, 16 hours to be exact. However, my excitement to experience a new culture intrigued me. While flying in I notice a large group of Nomads with lots of livestock, to include camels, cows, donkeys and goats. To see how Nomads lived caused me to think how people lived in biblical times. I was saddened yet astonished how they lived off the land. I thought to myself; what have I gotten myself into.

After landing onto the base I felt at ease. Although the base was smaller than Kessler, I felt it was going to an adventure. After checking in and getting housing. My first stop was the Information, Tickets and Tours Office (ITT). My first trip was planned to Gaziantep; I was on my way to experience my Turkish Adventure. Gaziantep is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. I visited some of oldest museums in the world. With pieces dating back to the Neolithic Era or the New Stone Age beginning about 10,200 BC. Gaziantep is also one of the leading producers of machine made carpets in the world. I purchased ten for myself and several for family members. The blends of wool and material were boundless. The natives were kind and...
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