My True Color Essay

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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My true color
I recently completed a survey with my English class at DSCC. The survey was developed to uncover what type of personality the survey-taker had. As I was taking this survey, I began to realize I undoubtedly belonged to the Orange category. There were many characteristics that I know I posses; however, the three main qualities I display most are organization, optimism, and spontaneity. First I am one of the most organized people on the planet. Things have to be in place, I have to have everything kept in my agenda, and everything around me must be clean. I get extremely frustrated when things are not in the correct place. For example, with school I have folders for every class. I also have color tabs to separate each section of the folders. Having this little system helps me keep track of where my homework, notes, and power-points are. Another way I stay organized is by keeping important dates and deadlines written down. Because I write dues dates, test dates, and study times down in my agenda I never forget anything. It helps me to not schedule other things on a day I need to study, or when I have to work. Also, it helps me not to forget when things are due for school. Such as papers, projects, homework, or even when the next in class test will be. Finally and the most important way I keep life organized is by keeping everything around me neat. It includes, but is not limited to, my room, car, house, backpacks, etc. From the very top of my dressers to the floor is always in order. Clutter makes me nervous so having an organized home is a lot less stressful for me. Organization is so important to being successful, and stress free! Another characteristic of the orange personality that I display a lot is optimism. I am optimistic through being open minded and through my confidence. First of all, I have always been an open minded person. For example, I love trying new foods I have...
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