My Trip to Muir Woods

Topics: Muir Woods National Monument, English-language films, Marin County, California Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: March 25, 2012
My Trip to Muir Woods Stephanie Johnson
American InterContinental University- Online

1. Introduction.
A) Everyone has had a memorable trip.
2. First paragraph.
B) My first trip to Muir Woods.
3. Second paragraph.
C) Driving up to Muir Woods.
4. Third paragraph.
D) My roommate’s driving habits.
5. Fourth paragraph.
E) Walking into Muir Woods.
6. Conclusion.
F) Why this trip was memorable.

2 My Trip to Muir Woods.
Just about anyone can tell you of a trip they’ve taken that was truly memorable. If they were like me, perhaps they took family road trips in the summer when they were kids, or maybe they had the chance to visit a foreign country. Whatever the case may be, there were events that occurred on these trips that created memories that will be cherished for the rest of their lives. I have been fortunate because I’ve traveled many places and those trips have always been memorable. My trip to Muir Woods National Park in California is one good example, and it proved to be memorable because it impacted me in ways I did not expect.

My first trip to Muir Woods National Park happened on Thanksgiving Day in 2009. My roommate and I had just moved to San Francisco in March of that year and this was our first Thanksgiving there. My younger sister had flown out from Minnesota to spend the holiday with me, and we all agreed that it might be fun to drive up to Muir Woods since none of us had been there yet.

The day dawned bright and clear and rather warm, which is unusual for San Francisco in November. Usually it is very cold and foggy that time of year. We were on the road pretty early in the morning and I remember when we drove over the...
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