My Trip to Disney World

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I remember planning for this day for about two years. When I would finally get the chance to be with my best friends and take a road-trip to California to go to Disney Land, and now that the time to take that trip has come and gone I would like to talk about my most important journey. Once I woke up I called Alavee to make sure he was awake. I'm glad he was because he saved me some time by calling Priya and Rigo to make sure they were getting ready to go. About an hour and a half later we all met up in the school parking lot at about the same time. The exception was Priya who had to take extra time to bring the camper which we hardly used in the end, but it was still better than trying to cram into one car to sleep. Anthony brought his new jeep so we thought it would be a good idea to hook the pop-up camper to the jeep and take the jeep on our journey. Now that we were ready and had double-checked everything, we were ready to begin our journey. First, we were well stocked with food and gas we Is this essay helpful? Upgrade your account to read more and access more than 700,000 just like it!

were underway for our trip. We headed toward the interstate, and turned left on I-90 west. As we traveled on toward Iowa we had to find ways to pass the time. Eventually we decided to put some really strange music on that we could make stupid dance movements to and mess with other people driving. One of the people was so funny because as I was doing my stupid dance moves that looked like a dying bug and he would not look once. He wouldn't look so we stayed next to him for about three miles. Once he finally looked over he just busted out laughing, it was so great. Since we are all very easily amused we were able to come up with dumb games to keep us entertained the whole trip. I remember one time when we were getting gas on our way to Iowa, we all went inside to get something to eat and pay for gas. This day was definitely an...
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