My Transformation, Thanks to You

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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Donnel A. Ojales
Maintenance Assistant (BSBA-FM)

It’s almost four years that I had been a scholar of De La Salle Lipa. When I was in fourth year high school, I never thought that I can continue studying on college. I am very thankful that because of this prestigious school, I am now on my way to the finish line of being a student. When I am on my first days here at De La Salle Lipa, I thought that I can’t survive because of the high expenses like for projects, photocopies, school supplies, transportation, books, uniforms and for food. I also though it would be difficult for me to have friends because what I heard from my high school friends is that all Lasallians are rich and are hard to be with. As time goes by, I see myself adjusting and adopting those things that I thought I will never survive. As I face the challenges of being a college student, I have learned many things in life. First, I learn how and when to seek help from my classmates and friends, when I’m in need and when to stand on my own feet to accomplish the things that I have to do. I’ve also learned how to value every single peso that my parents give to me. Furthermore, I learned how to give importance to those people who are there to support and guide me on the right path of life. I also learned how to value the graces and good things that happens to me. For four years of staying in this institution, I became a real man, a man that thinks of having a better future not only for myself but also for my family. I became very eager of achieving my goals of being a successful person that everyone wants. Moreover, I become more responsible and careful on taking up every action and making decisions. I am very thankful to this institution. Thank you for all the good things, learnings and improvements that happened to my life. Thank you for accepting me as a part of your family, a family that is always there to help and support the condition of the less...
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