My Transcendentalism Experience

Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sibling, Flower Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Jeffrey You
Mrs. S. Lopez
English III AP- 7th
19 February 2013
My Transcendent Experience
I sit myself under a tree. Its bare skin is rough compared to the flowing wild grass. The lake in front of me ripples and glistens under the crimson sun. Closing my eyes, I allow the cold and sharp wind to envelope me. After awhile I lose all thought. I am now acutely aware of a scratching sound. Opening my eyes, my gaze sets upon a squirrel scaling the tree. Looking up, I notice its branches are devoid of leaves from winter’s touch. The tree’s lifeless and almost sickly state helps me capture the attention of flowers growing near it. I walk over. The vermilion petals and jade leaves are spouting from coarse earth. I pluck one flower and take it with me, pressing it gently against the tree’s firm trunk. Here is the tree, so much bigger and stronger than a soft and minuscule flower. Yet the tree has surrendered to the iciness while the flower grows, undisturbed by frigid conditions. I realize then that the tree and flower are like humans. No one grows and flourishes in the same way. Some people accomplish in large and grandiose ways. Others achieve in small steps. Humans, like a plant’s growth is suppressed by weather, are bound by our own individualistic approaches and personality. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, “imitation is suicide.” Society sets a standard to which members of our community feel obliged to meet for a variety of reasons. These standards are almost a subconscious guideline that pushes us to imitate those around us. Often, we are caught up trying to emulate those we admire that we forget ourselves. Personally, I set my goals to what others expect of me and try to meet them in ways they find accepting. Comparing the flower and tree allows to me to understand that is not the right option. I am the flower. I cannot ever be as big or strong as a tree but I can succeed in my own...
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