My Torn Meniscus

Topics: Arthroscopy, Knee, Bone Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: March 2, 2013
My Torn Meniscus by Anna Smith
I walk a lot and I have been having some problems with my knee it has been tender and swells a lot. So I talked to my primary care provider and she recommended that I see an Orthopedist, because their specialty is bones, joints and also muscle. So when I called to make the appointment the nurse asked what the problem was, I explained that it was hurting deep in the kneecap and it was swelling on and off and affecting my mobility. So I went to my appointment and the doctor came in to examine my knee. He asked how long it had been hurting and swelling, I said for a while now, but it was getting worse. He explained that he wanted to get an MRI of the knee so he could visually see the inside the knee. So once he got the results of the MRI he called me back in to his office to discuss the diagnosis. He explained that I had a torn meniscus and I would need surgery. When I went to get the surgery I was scared and unsure, the orthopedic surgeon reassured me it was the only thing he could do to relieve the pain. So I got into my hospital gown and waited for the anesthesiologist. After the surgery the doctor said I would have limited mobility for a week or two and maybe even need to see a physical therapist to help with mobility. So I will wait to see how I heal for a couple of weeks and if needed I will see a physical therapist. Well it has been a few weeks since my knee surgery and I am doing well. I went for a follow up visit with my orthopedic surgeon to check my progress and if there were any problems or concerns, but everything was going good I explained to him. I feel so much better now and I hope to be back walking my three to four miles a day soon. I am so glad I had the surgery to fix my meniscus. I cannot say enough about the medical professionals that aided me in repairing my knee so I could go back enjoying life and feeling like I can do anything. Seriously thank you all for your support and expertise in this matter.
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