My Top Three Values

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My values are things I care about and consider priorities. Being able to identify the things we value help us to set goals and make choices that are the best for us as individuals.

Some of my values are achievement, adventure, challenging problems, creativity, excellence, friendship, freedom, helping others, honesty, leadership, and loyalty. These values shape who I am and I always do my best to use my values to accomplish things in life. My values help me make decisions and they help me be the best person I can be.

My top three values are achievement, adventure, and leadership. Achievement is one of my top three because without achievement I would be going no where in life and I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of my short term and long term goals. Adventure is one of my top values because I have to be able to explore to find what I like the best, adventure has taught me what I like and dislike and it has also helped me find solutions to different problems. Leadership is another one of my top values, I have been able to show this value in many different ways like when I won the school leadership award in grade 8 and when I went to leadership camp to become a camp councillor, when I am older I want to become a teacher and without leadership this goal of mine would be harder to achieve.

My values have helped me accomplish many different things in life and they will continue to help me in the years to come
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