My Time Travel Into the Past

Topics: Great Pyramid of Giza, Ancient Egypt, Khufu Pages: 4 (1553 words) Published: January 2, 2013
My Time Travel into the Past

HUM 205
September 9.2012

My Time Travel into the Past
I am completely intrigued by the culture of the Prehistoric Mesopotamian and the Egyptian Civilization, but also the late 20th Century. After many years and long hours I have created the most amazing technology of the century. I have built a time machine that I am going to use travel to these periods. I am going to compile information regarding the culture and art of these three periods. I will replicate the ideas, values, beliefs and desires that have built the Prehistoric Mesopotamian, Egyptian Civilization and later 20th Century. I am going to reveal the first chapters in my book to you. I hope you completely enjoy this as much as I have.    Chapter 1 Prehistoric Mesopotamian

The first stop on our journey is the Prehistoric Mesopotamian era. As I am walking into this town Mesopotamia, which is the area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, north or northwest of the bottleneck at Baghdad, in modern Iraq; it is Al-Jazirah ("The Island") of the Arabs. (Guisepi) I am looking at all of the crops around they are just completely gorgeous. This land must be some very fertile land. As I am taking in everything around me, I see this pyramid in the middle of town. This must be the famous Ziggurat of Urnammu. This building was built in 2100 B.C. by King Ur-Nammu. This pyramid was built for his wife the moon god Nanna. Nanna is the heavenly supporter of the city state. This structure is the highest point in the city by far and, like the spire of a medieval cathedral, it is visible for miles around, a focal point for travelers and the pious alike. (German) This pyramid is an administration building. Where citizens bring agricultural surpus and are receiving food allotments. They also receive spiritual and physical nourishments. The way this pyramid was built amazes me. As I stand here and look around I take in all of the little details. The base of it is on a ziggurat which...
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