My Time Capsule (I Dream High)

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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del Rosario, Shaira B. IR-156 15 June2012 MY TIME CAPSULE I Dream High) I’m in these days of quiet desperation, still searching for some inspiration to do my time capsule. So, one cozy afternoon from monsoon rains, I sat beside my father who’s having his coffee, three-in-one, warm and tasty. That moment, something enabled me to keep my fantasies out of the shell and put alive in my heart and mind that I must start living a dream. With his fresh brewed coffee filling the air with its aroma, I gazed around our concrete block home and tried to talk cleverly with father. I have once told my father that I’ve got this nervous thingy in myself about on going to College. Honestly, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of almost everything that’ll be new to me. To be in a campus where multifarious talents and personalities are abounding, I don’t think that life would be that easy for me. To be in College of International Relations is a new world of terror and adventure. I felt so empty inside and I want to cry. My father then gave me a ‘’you-should-not-be-that look’’. He told me that why should I let myself be in fear, where as I’m now out of a competitive class, so pressure is less. He then rephrases what I told him. He said ‘’to be in a campus where multifarious talents and personalities are abounding, life can be quiet interesting’’. He added, in able to overcome this fear, I should love my entire being. Yes, loving my entire being- it’s the best way to go confidently in the path of my dreams; to better shape my future; and to be successful in the field I have chosen. I believe that it is the starting point of creating a Dream. Since I was a little girl, I’ve...
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